viernes, 5 de junio de 2009

Ashima publicado por Gypsy Caravan!

Este es el ensayo que envie a la Tribu Gypsy Caravan acerca del valor de la danza de vientre tribal,y fue seleccionado para ser publicado en el newsletter de la tribu de Portland del mes de junio:

Hi! My name is Flor, I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and reading your newsletter inspired me to write these lines for you: First of all, I want to start by saying dance is not an art.Is breathing an art? eating? walking? There's no choice for me, like there's no choice of not eating or not breathing or not walking. Dance (the institution, the living ever-growing creature that Dance is) has never let me be anything other than what I am. I started hearing her calling when I got into puberty, and since then nothing has been the same for me. I met Dance when I was still a little girl, the middle one of three brothers. I grew up really fast, too fast to fully embrace the changes. My first bellydance class was when I was 12 years old, I went to it with a loooong baggy t-shirt that went all the way down to my knees and a baggy jean trouser, and ended up completely stripped, in my heart. She broke all the barriers I had created not to connect with the outside world and left me there bare, disarmed and with the feeling that for the first time I had nothing to lose. Dance put right in from of my femininity, the one I had learned (subconsciously) to be afraid of, an made come to peace with it, and feel happy about it, celebrate it! In Latin America the situation for women is very tricky, because they teach you to expose yourself and your body as if there's nothing to be ashamed of, but only so that men can enjoy it, which is a very perverse use of your own power against you, putting you in a frail position and no-one to blame. Being able to see that since the very beginning of my Female life allowed me to carry myself with respect for myself and for my body, as a Woman and as a human being. It’s as if the whole womanpower and the revolutionary days of the 60's had been absorbed by the system, and completely turned against us. I consider that Tribal bellydance is a beautiful, beautiful thing, that is helping a lot of women to realize of their power and take full responsibility on that power, carrying it with the grace and the subtleness that the feminine energy needs to be fully developed, and connecting women with other women, erasing the halo of competition that has stained our relationships in the patriarchal paradigm, letting us remember that female is all about cooperation, mutual care and selfless giving, but also, a great responsibility. I always say to my girls at the little tribe we are creating here in Buenos Aires: being a leader is a great joy, and a very empowering and freeing experience, but you must never forget that behind you there are two, three, a thousand women who expect you to not to let them down, to do the cues accurately so that they can give themselves over to you and your creative vision of the moment, to hand over the leadership to another partner so that they can express themselves too. These are the feminine values that Tribal bellydance bring up in us, and we try to use these values in our everyday life, to make the world a little bit better... My New year wish is that all women can empower themselves and start using all the potential an subtle energy that they have to make of this world a more peaceful, creative and open-minded place to live, and the humble place that I found I can do this is Tribal bellydance, as a teacher and as just another member of the tribe, I'll continue trying to create a space where women can express themselves, learn from each other's experience in life and Dance as sisters and as colleagues.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~There you have it, another personal, eye-opening, heart-warming read about this passionate thing that we do, dance…

Paulette Rees-Denis

Directora de la tribu Gypsy Caravan

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